Company: Wuxi Welllong Leather Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address: Xishan Economic Development Area of Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China.


Contact: Dylan
Mobile: 0086 18800609010



This Stainless Steel Laboratory Drum is a necessary machine for leathers tanning, neutralizing and dyeing processing, widely to be used for various small quantity leathers tests.

It is a high technology and very practical machine. 

It heats inside of drum by heating the inter layer media. Heating circulation system would conduct heat to the liquid that leathers immersed in.

Temperature inside of the drum is average, because the drum is turning constantly. PLC control system will heat or keep constant-temperature automatically. 

Chain driving system keeps drum rotating stable, smooth and low-noise.

Drum can rotate at clockwise direction,counter clockwise direction, one single direction or intermittently rotation during the courseof working. Rotation and speed are controlled by frequency converter.

Liquid filling in and drainage are very simple and easy. The rotation parts are well coved; it is built according to CE standard, so it is very safe.